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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Real Estate Investors - A Message From Seth Bergman - ATX Mastermind Investment Group

My name is Seth Bergman, a 25 year old entrepreneur. I am passionately devoted to empowering people with the knowledge that I’ve been so very blessed to gain about understanding the importance and sheer power of being financially literate, taking complete control of your future, and being well educated about wealth building through investing in real estate, and other hard assets like gold and silver. I help people that are transitioning from the corporate life “rat race” to becoming an entrepreneur, no matter what the person’s financial history, age, or educational background. I absolutely love what I do, and I have always believed that owning real estate, or cash flowing rental property, is an excellent way to passively build wealth while giving you great tax benefits. That is if you know all the dirty little secrets that Uncle Sam doesn’t tell you about… but I do. Knowledge is power, and I plan on sharing all of the knowledge that I gain on my journey, so that you can be empowered and perhaps enlightened.

I must stress that before you decide to go out and buy a house for the purpose of rehabbing, flipping, renting or land-lording that you consult with a real estate professional or real estate attorney before doing so, because there are many pitfalls and land-mines to avoid in this subject and investment strategy. As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t know the market well enough to minimize or completely eliminate risk for your investment of choice, whether real estate, stocks, commodities, dividends or precious metals, then you’re asking for trouble.

I encourage you to take risks, but let it be a calculated risk, and in order to do that, you either have to become an expert in that specific strategy, or consult with someone who is. There is always the opportunity to make money: Especially in times of economic turmoil, but you must study the game.

This obviously takes time, which is why most people in the middle class typically just go out and get a so called “financial planner”, give them all their money, and get sold investments. Yes, that’s right… SOLD!!! Many typical financial planners stress the importance of having a diversified portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, treasuries, and show you a nice little pie chart to comfort you so that you think your money is being well managed. The truth of the matter is, every time they nudge you to “diversify”, or to buy a stock, it’s usually just because they need the commission that they’ll get off the investment you make, or “sale”. Now I agree that being diversified in you investments might cushion your portfolio losses during the bad times, and might grow a little over the course of 30 to 50 years, but is that what investing is really all about?

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