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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Currency Crisis - A Hyper-inflationary Depression - ATX Mastermind Investment Group - ATX Mastermind Investment Group

In December, the gross federal debt of the US passed 100% of GDP for the first time, and total federal obligations are now at 443% of GDP. The Federal Reserve is now buying 75% of all US debt that’s going up for auction because the rest of the world has simply stopped buying.

When I say “buy”, that means that the Fed is simply printing the money to pay for the debt. It’s 100% pure monetization, which is always the primary cause of hyperinflation.

Simply put, the US is officially in “Ponzi-scheme Mode”, issuing more and more new debt each month, to pay off the current obligations, while keeping their fingers crossed the economy will bounce back into full-blown growth, allowing them to pay back the debt at some point in the future.

But with a debt-based, consumption-centric economy like ours, you can’t solve a debt problem by encouraging consumers to take-on more debt.

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