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Friday, September 24, 2010

Real Estate Investors | Hard Money


Everyone who watches a Flip This House program on TV gets the idea that a rehab project is fast money. It is true that a savvy investor can make good money rehabbing and flipping a property. One must be very careful about thinking that new flooring and a fresh coat of paint will add value to a home for an easy sale. This investment strategy takes a lot of energy and focus to be successful. An investor must study the market and determine what the market demands of that rehabbed property. Does the SF need to be increased? How much updating must be done? What is behind the sheet-rock or wall board that might need to be addressed? Paint and floor covering cannot address what canĂ¢€™t be seen. There are many successful rehab stories. It just takes the right property to make it a success story. We can locate the properties for you, help you arrange financing for the acquisition, rehab the property if it is needed and then place the property for sale and market it for you.

There are many ways to make money while investing in real estate and we have a variety of investment opportunities for the savvy real estate investor. Our Flagship investment vehicle is Pride of Austin High Yie


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