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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Content syndication and link building

Content syndication and link building are key to getting good search engine rankings overall. Remember, the bigger your "link spider" is, the more the googlebot visibility. With the new way Google is indexing, "Google Caffeine" has made updating your sites often an ABSOLUTE MUST! A few quality links are better than a bunch of crappy trackbacks. Try using .gov's and .edu's, etc. High quality links and content syndication will put your site at the top! For proof: One month ago I launched a website called | I've now had almost 700 unique visitors and several comments. I've also produced some very high quality leads due to the nature of the content. Hope I've helped - gotta run!

Seth Bergman, CEO/ Investor Relations/ Web Developer

Facebook Attraction Marketing Masterminds

Facebook Attraction Marketing Masterminds

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