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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Society of GREED

I have been tirelessly researching and learning about America's real estate market from a financial and economic perspective for the past three years. I realize why the Global Economies are in such huge debt, and it can be summarized in one word: GREED. During the construction of America's banking system, The Federal Reserve, the founders structured it in such a way that ultimately made inflation an impending and expected outcome over time. This enabled them to have control over the economy because they could print as much money and control interest rates to bankers whenever they wanted. This made it possible for them to control the distribution of wealth in many ways, even though this was not their primary purpose. The Fed is privatized, and essentially their powers exceed those of our government. The lack of regulation on the Fed could largely be a reason why our country, along with many others, is in debt. Greed is without a doubt one of the human natures that has contributed to a society of debt. It is very unfair to those who pay their bills on time, work hard every day, and still can't seem to overcome debt. There are many hard working and honest people in this world that don't spend extravagantly, pay their bills on time, and work hard, that succumb to debt simply because inflation will happen before wages are raised to balance the difference in the cost of living. Our fractional reserve banking system relies on the promise of people to pay their debts on time...Well that just doesn't happen sometimes, and others are expected to pick up the slack. I guess this is a testament as to why people complain that life is unfair. When one is blessed with insight and understanding about the way the world works, I believe that their ultimate happiness will surpass the mass of negativity and injustice that is caused by the majority in our greedy society.

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