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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Safest,Best Paying Savings Account

The Safest,Best Paying Savings Account
by Jim Warr of Warr Investment Group

There Has Never Been a Better Paying, Safer savings Plan

Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 4:48 am  Edit
I give you my word there has never been a safer saving plan and I can prove it. My name is Jim Warr and all my poverty has been self induced. I’m sure most of you have read about all of Abraham Lincoln’s many failures before he became one of the greatest American Presidents; well my past almost mirrored his list of failures. I owned a GM car dealership in the 70’s and 80’s in the oil fields of West Texas, when the oil business was going great I thought there would never be a bad day in the oil business; it collapsed on my head  and  I when broke. I trusted some bad people and bought another dealership. Do you know what you learn the second time you are kicked by a mule? Not a damn thing. My next move was into something new and exciting call Network Marketing. Two days after I paid $4,500 to get into a company call Fund America the government shut them down as aPonzi scheme. I then joined Primerica Financial Services and for the next 12 delightful years I learned how money worked but I could never break into the big earners. I saw the housing boom start and thought there would never be a bad day in the mortgage business so I became a mortgage broker. 2007 saw over 400 mortgage lenders go out of business. Somebody needs to stop me from walking behind anymore mules.  However all of bad things that have happened to me have turned out to be blessings. I have heard it said that “Experience is what we get when we don’t get what we want” so with my vast reservoir of  experience I have put together what is without doubt the best and safes perpetual motion finance machine ever created, I think.
I own a company called Warr Investment Group (WIG), whose product is so dynamic and virtuous that it is worthy of being called viral. I know as you read these words you are thinking I am an arrogant SOB and you might be right so I had better spend the next few paragraphs proving what I just said. I need to not only tell you how I got here but what I learned along the way.
The perfect storm has hit America:
  1. The banking/ mortgage crisis tanked the stock market. Anyone who had their retirement money in a 401k or IRA saw their money go down and their likely retirement age go up. Must people want out of the market and into something  SAFE.
  2. There have been millions of foreclosures so far and millions more on the way. There are probably 30,000,000 people out there that now need places to live and once they’ve had a house they don’t want an apartment.
  3. People in their late 40s, 50s and 60s need some way to earn and put more than $6,000 a year in their qualified plan. They need a new paradigm.
  4. Much more reliance on FICO Scores. Lenders use credit scores to charge higher interest. It’s hard to buy auto insurance, get a job or even rent an apartment with a bad FICO score.
  5. Cut back on entitlements on the horizon. Most companies have started to drop the company match in their 401ks. People who thought their fat government retirement plan was safe had better be looking at Greece; the cuts are coming.
  6. Credit getting harder and harder to get in fact even if you have good credit it’s hard to borrow money.
  7. Corporate scandals causing more and more people to lose faith in any investment.
Now that you’re depressed you need to see these problems for what they really are; profit opportunities. Since this is an article not a book I’ll cut to the chase. You know that anyone who could solve all of these problems will become wealthy.  I can and I will.
Since I know that there are millions of Americans who need a place to live and they had rather live in a house. There is a great opportunity for people to rent homes to them. Since there are so many foreclosures out there the opportunities for purchasing income property are everywhere. It’s not that hard to find income property at 75 cent on the dollar. The market is strong and the demand is great.  The only problem is no one will lend people money to purchase the property. WIG is a hard money lender. We will lend people up to 75% of the value of a house at 12% interest only and 2 points. We don’t care about their credit score and they don’t need any money down. For example if they finance $75,000 with WIG the payments are $750 per month and if the rent the house out for $1,200 they can cash flow the property.  They may just flip the house and make a quick profit. They can do all of this transition inside their Self Directed IRA and not have to pay income taxes.
Since so many people have lost so much money in the stock market they are looking for a safe place to invest their money and still get a good return. They can lend WIG their money to use to fund our loans. WIG pays 8% guaranteed interest. When we lend money out we get the title to the property which is registered in the name of an Irrevocable Trust with the lenders as the beneficiaries for whatever amount they put in. All the 12% payments go into the trust account and all the 8% interest is paid. WIG is the Remainder Beneficiary and gets whatever is left. That way if a few properties are not performing the only one that loses any money is WIG. If you can think of a safer savings account please leave a comment and explain why you way is safer but if you agree with me that this is the safest savings account there is please contact me at and get started now.
 These are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.  It might be hubris but I call these things I’ve learned;  Jimisms.
1. The definition of a fool is someone who lies to himself and believes it.
2. Storms never last
3. The only conversation you should have about yourself is with yourself
4. The peace of mind gained from doing the right thing, especially when it hurts, far outweighs any temporary gain from doing the easy or most profitable thing.
5. Wants are like time machines; they bring the future to the present.
6. Every once in a while someone comes along with a new idea that is outside the box. That idea can be so powerful that it changes the way things have always been done
7. Brush whatever is in your way out of your way and fulfill your destiny
8. Give everyone a square deal.
9.  People tend to analyze what they can easily analyze and ignore the rest
  1. You ride as fast as the people you ride with.
  1. You hit what you look at.
  2. What do you pay with to work where you work?  Your life!
  3. Sell your life dearly.
  4. There is a gigantic difference between people who try to impress you with what they know and people who try to teach you what they know.
  5. The person who signs your check is not the person who wrote it.
  6. Make no small plans.
  7. The pain of regret lasts longer than a Yoko Ono solo.
  8. New ways of thinking of things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible.
  9. All things that work at sometime didn’t.
  10. Hit the ball as hard as you can; we’ll find it later.
  11. The world has a habit of making way for a man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.
  12. Gather up the last 6 months of your life and invest them in the next 6.
  13. Act while the emotion is hot; there is a law of diminishing intent.
  14. Reading for entertainment is entertaining, reading for knowledge is profitable.
  15. Study what poor people do and don’t do that.
  16. Most successful people have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.
  17. In life you’ll have your back up against the wall many times, you might as well get used to it.
  18. The trick to being successful is going from one disaster to the next and keeping a good attitude.
  19. Today all finances are connected.
  20. Fortune favors the bold.
  21. There is nothing as evil as dishonest intent.
  22. Most of the stress people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not keeping promises they made to themselves.
  23. In your life master something that matters.
  24. Most people’s limitations are not imposed by others, they are self applied. 
  25. It’s not the water outside the boat that sinks it.
  26. Never be so broad minded you won’t take your own side in an argument.
  27. We simply accept what the most widely available and accessible source of information claim is true. For our naiveté we are systematically misled and bamboozled.
  28. Greatness, even though brief, stays with a man forever.
  29. It’s better to have greatness in front of you than behind you.
  30. The world went to hell when the lazy stopped starving and the dumb stopped being eaten.
  31. The dumb; they bore easily.
  32. The trouble with waiting is it takes too long and you can’t quit.
  33. Don’t trust anyone you can’t trust; you know who they are.
  34. There are too many people that specialize in the possible.
  35. You can fail your way to success but you can’t wait your way to success.
  36. The average; are only remembered by their mothers and on their head stones.

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