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Sunday, May 9, 2010

real estate weekly top 10

1 ) The Hangover – The tax credit is over; have people stopped looking for houses? The numbers vary greatly according to Redfin’s search numbers.
2 ) Do you need a custom Facebook page? If you were to ask Todd Carpenter, he would say no. If you were to ask Mike Mueller he would say you do.
3 ) 6 Ways You Can Use Video Blogging In Real Estate – Video is not coming, it is here. Here is a list of ways people can use vlogging, and some examples of people who are doing it..
4 ) Fannie Mae Tightens Guidelines On ARMs And Interest Only Products – The roller coaster of lending continue; after it over-corrects one way, just hold on a little while and it will snap back the other way again.
5 ) Freddie Mac is bleeding money, still asks for $10.6 billion more – With the financial problems Freddie and Fannie continue to have is it time to pull the plug?
6 ) The Pass Rate of the New National Loan Originator Exam is 67%. Who is/isn’t passing? – An amazing 33% of lenders are not passing the new test.
7 ) What To Do When Your Bank Won’t Finance More Than 4 Properties (Even Though Fannie Mae Allows It) – Some banks will allow you to finance five or more properties, some will not. Ask around.
8 ) “If I Don’t Sell Your Home I’ll Buy It” ~ A False Promise? – You see this one all the time, but how truthful is it? Sure I will buy your property too, if you sell it to me at 60 cents on the dollar.
9 ) Why use FHA when you have 20% Down? – Twenty percent down and you would get an FHA over a conventional loan, right? There are some cases where FHA may be your only option.
10 ) Some Folks Just Don’t Get It – This is a great one to read for those people considering a for sale by owner.

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