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Monday, March 8, 2010

“We provide optimal living solutions for those struggling with the problems
associated with today’s down economy and the current housing crisis. We will personally work with you to customize your home loan based on your income, not on your credit history. No bank qualifications are necessary. We are constantly seeing good people get denied home-ownership by the banks, solely based on their credit score. If you are a new homeowner, or you haven’t owned a home in three years, you still qualify for up to an $8,000 tax refund from the government using our services.”

- Seth Bergman, CEO

Traditional real estate is becoming more and more difficult on both buyers and sellers. Foreclosure numbers are on the rise, and there is no end in sight. If a bank were to take back a $100,000 home, they would in turn have to keep eight times that amount in available, liquid cash on their books. That is $800,000 that they would have to have in cash just for this one house! This has really restricted their ability to lend money or credit to some well qualified buyers. These buyers are having a really hard time obtaining conventional financing, which is creating a huge problem in our housing market… a shortage of buyers! This makes it difficult for homeowners to sell their property. Many real estate agents are also having trouble finding buyers for the properties that they list with sellers. All parties are getting frustrated because they just don’t know where to look for help in this unpredictable economic climate. If no one can get away from their current living and financial situations, then it is obvious that a solution is needed. This is where we come in…

Our unique services bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. We don’t need to wait on a bank or lender to qualify buyers. Our company was built on the idea that everyone, no matter what their credit score, deserves home-ownership. We don’t care about the size of your bank account or color or your wallet. We privately finance buyers by getting on a personal level, so that we can customize every mortgage loan based on income history, not credit history. This enables us to provide AFFORDABLE HOUSING!

Many people are becoming more and more concerned about their monthly payments, and as long as they are feasible, they are happy! Big bankers and lenders put financing terms in such hard to understand lingo, so that the majority of homeowners don’t even know that they’ve been deceived until it’s too late! At UnReal Property Solutions, LLC, we promise to never take advantage of anyone, and we will keep things simple: No adjustable rate mortgages, which are based on the health of the economy; Just plain and simple! After all, our goal is for you to own your home, free and clear, and to make that dream easily attainable through getting to know what your personal needs are. $200,000 home? Easy! $10k – $20k down, $1,250 to $1,450 a month, based on a solid income history. Whatever it is you want, we can show you how to get it! We don’t make problems, we solve them!

We are comprised of a team of qualified real estate attorneys, loan officers, title companies, escrow agents, insurance agents, real estate agents, and private money lenders/investors. We can buy your home in as little as FIVE DAYS! We can also qualify you for financing your new home, even if you don’t have great credit. Are you having trouble buying or selling your home? Don’t waste anymore time – CALL NOW!!!

UnReal Property Solutions, LLC
Seth Bergman, CEO (512) 701-0186
J.D. De La Rosa, CFO (512) 585-0030
No Banks = No Hassles

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